Axiom is a leading provider for the federal government. We have a deep history and understanding of federal requirements and security regulations and are capable of bringing you virtually any IT solution customized to meet your mission’s needs. We leverage our long-standing partnerships with key manufacturers and combine it with best of breed global solutions to give you peace of mind.

We are also able to assist with the Cloud First initiative to help you maximize capacity utilization, improve flexibility and minimize costs.


In an age where textbooks have been replaced by tablets, the strength of an educational facility’s network is more important than ever. More and more devices are becoming part of the everyday learning experience for students of all ages. Whether your needs lie in devices and hardware, software, or audio/visual, Axiom Technical Solutions can provide your institution with all the latest technology needed in a 21st century learning environment.

State & Local

Technology is always changing and at a very rapid pace. It is crucial that State and Local governments can adapt and evolve in order to ensure data is secure, teams are mobile, and the network is healthy.

Like the public sector, state and local governments now demand technology solutions that provide their constituents and agency employees with the data that they need wherever they are. Axiom understands the unique needs of government agency networks and we bring innovation to the configuration and deployment of technology solutions.  And yes, we are Texas HUB certified.

Financial Industry

The financial industry has a long reach and extends into many other areas of business. Given the complexities of financial systems, the technology inside of the financial industry has become more important than ever.

At Axiom, we understand this criticality and the importance of protecting sensitive information. We also understand how data accuracy and security are of utmost relevance and importance.


The healthcare industry is among the fastest growing in the U.S. and the constant progression of modern medicine and technological advancement have created a rapidly increasing need for strong and reliable technical support within the field.

Axiom understands how crucial protecting sensitive and HIPPA information is, as well as keeping a network running smoothly, reliably, and securely.


The advancement in technology over the past decade has enabled not only established companies but also individual entrepreneurs to take their products and services to market with ease.  Companies, both large and small, are now capable of meeting consumer demands for customized products, streamlined processes, and efficient communication.

At Axiom, we focus on providing solutions that support this industry in all facets to include development, procurement, supply & inventory, order fulfillment, shipping & receiving, and tracking technology.


The growth in e-commerce and online retail activity has enabled many companies to reach their audience in new and effective ways. These improvements, however, require advanced systems to keep the operation running smoothly.

We understand retail complexities and have experience in providing tech solutions to companies that are often structured with multiple departments and client organizations, all who need to be able to exchange information and integrate seamlessly.


The transportation industry continues to evolve across the globe.  From local mass transit to international travel and DoD Air Mobility, the growth of this industry requires technical solutions that not only support, but continually advance its capabilities.

The IT systems required in this industry can be complex, with integrations and communications linked between the network’s various organizations.